Who We Are

We’re a couple of normal girls who care.
Deb is from Cullman, Alabama and Amanda is from Phoenix, Arizona. We met in Ghana, West Africa while on a mission trip to teach basic first aid to villagers in a remote area on Lake Volta. Together, we spoke to nearly 40 child slaves and returned home determined to make difference.
In September 2012, we’ll be setting out on a 3,093 mile bicycle ride from San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Florida. Along the way, we want to talk to you.
We want to let people know about the millions of children in our country and abroad who are trafficked for cheap labor and sex every day. We have seen these children, and are helping to build a home and community development center for some of them in Ghana.
These modern-day slaves deserve a voice, and since their voices are not loud enough, we’re using ours!